Tommy Deering

Tommy Deering has spent a lifetime playing great music…

A master musician and Las Vegas legend for decades, Tommy Deering remains one of the Entertainment Capital’s most popular pianists. His repertoire includes fresh, unique and inventive interpretations of popular music -- ranging from jazz, pop, and rock songs to beloved standards, movie themes, show tunes and even semi-classical pieces. His recorded music is often heard on the airways.

He has a special talent for musically complementing a wide variety of singers. He accompanied jazz giant Joe Williams on “The Tonight Show,” Two of his original tunes, “Changes” and “It’s Not Easy Being White” were recorded by Williams.

Tommy also composes and performs dinner music - that lovely part of civilization that sparks romance… Check out his many titles available for purchase right here or on iTunes, and Tommy now offers his original tunes for licensing. Please watch for updates on the licensing page as Tommy adds titles. In the mean time, if there is a tune you'd like to license, please contact Tommy.


After a memorable two-year stand as musical director at Tommasino's Restaurant, an impressive, beautiful oasis in Pahrump, Nevada, the bistro has sadly closed its doors. Leaving behind many fond memories of nightly adventures through the American Songbook, proprietor, host, songster and fellow musician Tom Saitta, legendary Autie Goodman (the Four Freshmen and Paula Kelly's Modernaires (Glen Miller's Band) and Tommy finally close this beautiful chapter of their musical careers.

Tommy is now working on his music store, producing "Bumbers and Bridges" for website productions. A composer of unique and beautiful music, Tommy will also continue exploring his own personal expressions, which are a tasty combination of Broadway, classical and jazz.

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